Rijcken Real Estate

The Rijcken Groep has, besides its Food Group, a real estate track. It includes commercial real estate, as well as project development. The commercial real estates involve warehouse buildings, storehouses, company properties and office buildings. The storehouses, sometimes with additional outdoor space, are available in different sizes and can be rented on a market-compliant price level.

In the field of project development the Rijcken Groep makes a difference in comparison with other property companies. In Berg en Dal, a small Dutch city in the neighbourhood of Huissen, a former casino, which had suffered from decay, was refurbished, renovated and changed in a way that a luxury apartment complex was created. Due to the accommodation of the basement, the available space is used efficiently. The additional lift makes entering possible for everybody. 

The company-complex “Het Rijck” is constructed with long lasting materials, which create an optimal balanced climate in the whole building. Therefore, discover “Het Rijck”.

All of our projects have a focus on sustainability.