About us

The delivery of oriental groceries is the core business of the Rijcken Groep. This task can be fulfilled with the help of different companies within the Rijcken Groep, which are described on this website. Furthermore, commercial real estate and project development is another business area of the Rijcken Groep.
The Rijcken Groep is a responsible and reliable business partner and the pursuit of quality and development is present at any time. The needs of our customers are always of central interest.

Purpose and principles (Mission)
Rijcken Groep is a reliable supplier of high-quality oriental groceries, which are selected by you. Rijcken Groep delivers its groceries at a great and competitive price. Above all, we deliver directly to your front door at a desired date.

The Rijcken Groep is a organisation with five business units:

These business units are focusing on the sale and delivery to our customers. The purchasing of the goods is organised by a central purchasing unit.