The Rijcken Groep came into existence by family activities. In the begin of the 60s the parents of the founder of the company, Jan Rijcken, started breeding champignons and later bean sprouts. When  Jan Rijcken got his driving license he first supported his mother, who already started her own business of delivering products to Asian restaurants. Together they developed the company further.
In the 90s they found new developing opportunities. Due to free exchange within the European Union Jan Rijcken saw the chance to enter the German market. Finally, the export to Germany was set up with success and the trade name Choi Kwai International was founded. The original delivered vegetables were extended by dried- and frozen groceries and later also by non-food.

Acquisition of Divodo (Germany)
In 2005 the Rijcken Groep acquired Divodo GmbH & Co KG and thought about a coverage of whole Germany. The Rijcken Groep achieved this coverage and grew to an important participant in the market of oriental groceries. 

Import of Asian groceries
In mid-2008 the centralisation of the purchase department was developed further by the construction of an import organization, called Asian Cuisine Trading. With Asian Cuisine Trading a great amount of products is imported independently. Hereby, the Rijcken Groep ensures a sound and stable inflow of products.

New central distribution centre
Due to the development and growth of the Rijcken Groep, different locations were used to create more store capacity. These locations lay apart from each other and led to a new necessity: A modern, centrally located distribution centre. This is realized in March 2012 to the Azalealaan, Huissen, the Netherlands.
For the founder, Jan Rijcken, it was not possible to enjoy the completion of the new distribution centre, but the company is still in the ownership of the family and is managed by a professional team. The company’s core business is still the import, export and trade of products for the Oriental kitchen in Europe.